So, What's a DracoPuma?  

This beast is an odd blending of Dragon and Cougar.

Standing some two hundred feet tall on powerful hindlegs, DracoPuma has a posture reminicent of a raptor dinosaur. The arms are longer and stronger than those on a raptor, ending in strong five-fingered, sharp-taloned hands. It moves fluidly on long, powerful legs, ending in broad four-toed claws, showing off thick black soles with each step.

Glossy, dark platinum grey scales dominate the bulk of this creature, framing a line of near-white armor plating from the chin to halfway down the underside of the four hundred foot long tail. Hir spine is covered with a dense, black fur, running from between broad, fanlike ears, down hir back between huge black wings and down over the top of the tail to the odd, three-forked tailspade. The fur forms a thick, black mane at the top of hir head that flows in soft waves down to the base of hir tail. Hir wings easily span eight hundred feet and the huge sails seem to be like black velvet.

Sie wears heavy hematite anklets and a single hematite bracelet on hir right wrist.

DracoPuma's feline endowments are presently trying to be hidden under hir clothing. A massively-stressed halter covers hir enormous bosom to some degree and tight spandex briefs helplessly seek to contain hir male bulges. The halter has a electronic LED array across the front with slogans scrolling across it. Right now, it reads "ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD" over the ponderously shifting curves.

Sie grins a lot, showing off a great deal of nasty, sharp teeth, flicking hir tongue between the two big sabrefangs and over hir black-marked muzzle below big, forest green eyes.


How Big is this DracoPuma?


Some Random Images of The DracoPuma.